Is Covid-19 on a film set really a concern?

Director Judah Hernandez Interviews client on the set of a beautifully cinematic corporate video.
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I don't know if you've heard... there's some sort of virus going around. You're here because you clicked the bait to read if film sets are actually concerned with the virus. Ok, so now that I've got you here, Yes. Film sets, since the beginning have had stringent protocols in place for safety. In fact on many major productions daily testing is just part of the routine. Hair. Make-up. Covid testing. You know the usual.

Not only has this been in strong practice, it has been governed by health organizations, executed by medical professionals and enforced by producers. You don't want to get on a producer's bad side (let me tell you).

For this reason, the film industry has plugged along when many other industries in various North American cities had to come to a complete halt. Many questioned why the film industry was allowed to continue as "essential work" when so many other sectors like salons, gyms and many others weren't given the chance. While I personally feel their pain, it came simply down to the fact that there was a governing body to implement and enforce such stringent rules around safety with actual consequences for those that chose not to comply.

I am not here to say whether I agree or not with the handling of the pandemic with such draconian tactics. But the purpose of this post is simply to show you what we have been doing on our sets and to ensure you that we use the right safety measures when dealing with our clients. To escape some devastating consequences but mostly for your peace of mind here are 3 simple things we practice on each production.