Flying around the world with Black& White MEdia Air

Our drone team has been operating aerial vehicles for over 8 years with flights, certifications and experiences from all over the world. From our cinematic shots high in the Colombian rainforests to the incredible sunrise captures deep in the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada we always aim to capture the shots that change perspectives. 

Drone video when used correctly can really take a production beyond anything it could have otherwise been. That is because this unique perspective allows viewers to feel like they are on top of the world. 


We are proud of our immense potential as the strategic brains behind every campaign. It includes​

  • Creative ideation

  • Content planning & creation

  • Script writing & Story Boarding

  • Location scouting


Step into the creative arena to produce videos that make a splash. It includes


  • Camera Gear

  • Lighting Equipment

  • Audio Gear

  • Aerial Vehicles


A video stands useless if not viewed, liked and shared. It includes


  • Editing

  • Audio recording

  • Adjusting motion graphics

  • Color filtering

  • Video distribution



In fact, pre-production is just as, if not more important as the production itself or the editing or "post-production. Having a great pre-production ensures the rest of the process will smoothly and result in little unwanted surprises. While it is the "production" that gets all the attention, reasonably so, with all the expensive gear and cool gadgets, focusing and executing a great plan will add incredible value to any scale of project. 

We'd love to take your vision and turn it into a reality. Contact us to setup your free, no-obligation creative consultation and lets get you in front of your target audience.


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